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About Us

We’re Danielle and Aaron, the voices behind Bad Acts. Every week, we bring you true crime cases with a dark twist. We’re obsessed with cases involving vampire mythology, ghost stories, werewolves, and witches, but we also cover crimes we just find shockingly terrible. Our stories are often fresh, so tuck in and join us for this long ride into the dark.

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Ep. 68 – Home Alone: The Kidnapping and Murder of Jonathan Foster Bad Acts: A True Crime Podcast

  1. Ep. 68 – Home Alone: The Kidnapping and Murder of Jonathan Foster
  2. Feed Takeover: Anything Bones Episode 45: Exaggeration and Exhumation
  3. Ep. 67 – Justice Delayed: The Murder of Nangonhs-Ba Massey
  4. Ep.66 – Killer on E. 93rd St.: The Murders of Jameela Hasan, Christine Malone, Jazmine Trotter, Ashley Leszyeski, Jessica Coleman, and Alianna DeFreeze
  5. Ep. 65 – Road to Darkness: The Murders of Merah, Elias, Nahtahn, Gabriel, and Elaine Jones


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“The host is an excellent storyteller, and she draws me into each case.”


“You’re good! I enjoyed it!

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