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About Us

We’re Danielle and Aaron, the voices behind Bad Acts: A True Crime Podcast. We live in Houston, TX, with four spoiled rescue cats named Catsby, Poe, Kasha, and Willow. We both spend a lot of time watching true crime shows.

Danielle is a writer, artist, and performer who’s previously written for an online newspaper, taught English and writing, and worked for a governmental agency. She enjoys writing stories, doing improv, painting with oils and watercolors, reading, and going on walks. She’s also super into plants, even though she sometimes forgets to water them.

Aaron is a software engineer who loves sci fi. In his free time, he likes to read and write computer programs. He’s always down to try something new, especially when it comes to food. He also loves spending time with his family.

Every week, we bring you true crime cases with a dark twist. We focus on cases that are uniquely terrifying, including cases where perpetrators blame the supernatural. But don’t worry, we stay firmly rooted in reality and love busting their excuses for their awful deeds. Our stories are often fresh, so tuck in and join us for this long ride into the dark.

Listen Here:

Ep. 136 – Fallen Protector: The Murder of Aaron Iturra Bad Acts: A True Crime Podcast

  1. Ep. 136 – Fallen Protector: The Murder of Aaron Iturra
  2. 🔒 May 2023 Full-Length Bonus Episode: The Posey Family Murders
  3. 🔒 May 23 Mini Bonus Episode-Murder at the Museum: The Murder of Jonathan Bennett
  4. Ep. 135 – Why Do the Good Die Young? The Murder of Samantha Dean
  5. Ep. 134-The Colorado Hammer Murders Part 2: Arizona and Nevada


What People Say

“The host is an excellent storyteller, and she draws me into each case.”


“This is a really neat podcast. You get to hear about murders and mysteries that you probably would never know about. I love how the people that do it interact with each other. It’s very interesting, and you should be listening.”


“Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes. Can’t recommend it enough.”

Tabby from Your New Best Friends Podcast

“A pod that’s really well put together, and the information provided is well researched. A rarity for true crime pods. Genuinely entertaining. Have a listen, and be sure to subscribe.”

The ODDentity Podcast

“You’re good! I enjoyed it!”

Jenny Man

“Definitely a 5-star podcast! Intriguing storytelling, and they cover so many great, lesser known (but still very important) cases. Can’t wait to follow their journey. They’re going places.”

Shelby from Addicted to Crime Podcast

“The host dynamics and likeability mixed with the stories being told have quickly made Bad Acts something I look forward to each week!”


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